My Story

My name is Peggy Letourneau.  I am a Web Designer / Front-End Developer, and this is my online portfolio.  Most of the work you see here (done on a part-time basis) was completed under the business name of PML Web Creations.  This includes approximately 6 years of website design and development work along with additional online marketing services, such as, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic designs, weblog (blog) creations, social networking, and email marketing.

Through all of the services offered via the business, I was able to develop effective Internet communications with consistency and simplicity in design.  This involved the ability to incorporate applications (e.g., forms, calendars, blogs) and graphic designs (e.g., animated, still images) into effectively functioning websites, social networking sites, and email marketing communications.
If you need to contact me, please feel free to call (630) 707-0610 or send me an email via my Contact page.
Thank you.

I am always looking forward to contributing in the website design and online graphics needed for businesses and organizations to develop their online presence.

Services / Experience

The services listed and described below were primarily offered via my business PML Web Creations.  Each project used most of the services, which were interchangeable and overlapped, because skills in one area were needed to complete other parts of a project.  For example, WordPress was used to create a website that needed a content management system (CMS); in a different project, graphic designs were used in email marketing.

From website design and development to social networking implementation, marketing methods were considered and implemented based on the individualized needs of each business or organization.

Each service listed below will link you to a brief explanation of how it was used in my business.

Skills / Education

HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jQuery, PhotoShop, WordPress, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Flash, Search Engine Optimization (SEO, META tags, Google Analytics), Online Forms (Perl), Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Email Marketing (Constant Contact), Content Management Systems (CMS), Video and Audio Implementation, Microsoft Office

Web Technician, BVS with High Honors, Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL
Master of Arts in Human Resource Development, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science with High Honors, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL
Double Major: Information Science, Human Resource Development (Adult Education)
Associate in Applied Science in Data Processing, Morton College, Cicero, IL

Resume (PDF)

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